As the clock strikes midnight, would you rather lip-lock with Rachel McAdams, Lady Gaga or John Mayer?

By Joe Bargmann
Updated December 31, 2009 11:00 AM
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A kiss is just a kiss – unless you’re smooching at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve. At that magical moment, you want a smack that’ll silence the noisemakers, make your party hat stand on end, and give you something warm and fuzzy to remember, if only vaguely, for the next 365 days. With all due respect to your New Year’s Eve date, we’d like to suggest a few pucker-worthy hotties – and find out which one you’d choose for a lip-lock when the big, little, and second hands are all pointing straight up.

Check out our smooch-worthy choices and vote for the star you’d most like to kiss:

Rachel McAdams It doesn’t take uncanny detective work to figure out why the Sherlock Holmes leading lady would be on anyone’s kiss wish-list. With Ryan Gosling erased from her notebook long ago and her brief romance with Josh Lucas wrapped, McAdams, 31, is a single lady! If her blazing blue eyes, bee-stung lips, and raven-haired beauty don’t do it for you, you might want to check your pulse.

Anna Kendrick Better hurry up if you want a midnight peck from this rising star. The 24-year-old’s performance in Up in the Air earned her Screen Actors Guilde and Golden Globe nominations, propelling her out of the shadows of Twilight costars Kristen Stewart and Ashley Greene – and into the limelight shared by Hollywood’s elite actresses.

Lady GagaBlessed with endearing quirkiness and unconventional beauty, Gaga is our pick for an alterna-smooch. At 23, the reigning Queen of Pop has captured the hearts and minds of, oh, about a gazillion fans, even though her real name – Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta – slips everyone’s mind, including her own family’s. Note of caution for would-be kissers: Careful not to impale yourself on a piece of her architectural fashion as you move in for the thrill.

Blake Lively The Gossip Girl with no scruples is plotting her escape from the small screen to the big time, starring alongside Ben Affleck in The Town, set for release several months after the New Year dawns. In real life, you’d have to get past Lively’s boyfriend, Gossip Girl costar Penn Badgely, to steal your midnight kiss. But since we’re talking fantasy here, by all means, set your sights on Serena. She’s blonde, beautiful, and bound for box-office success in 2010.

Chace Crawford

Kiss-worthy good looks run in the family of the man chosen as PEOPLE’s Hottest Bachelor: Crawford’s sister, Candice, was crowned Miss Missouri USA in 2008. Crawford, 24, was born in small-town Texas but chose to attend college in Malibu, Calif. – a fortuitous decision given his discovery there as an actor of some promise. Once upon a time, he kissed Carrie Underwood. But a much-publicized breakup put Crawford back on the most-eligible-bachelor list. So, why not just put your lips together – and go!

John Mayer He likes to tout his intelligence, but you’re not going to kiss his brain, are you? Please feel free to surrender to his boudoir eyes, sandpaper-and-honey voice, and his rock-star bad-boy tendencies. If this 32-year-old guitar master is your pick for a New Year’s smooch, you’re in good company. The A-listers who’ve swapped spit with Mayer include Minka Kelly, Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Simpson.

George ClooneyYes, he’s currently hot and heavy with Italian beauty Elisabetta Canalis, but it’s impossible not to notice that Hollywood’s most notorious bachelor just seems to be getting sexier with age. At 48, Clooney is more dapper – and busier – than ever (Up in the Air, The Men Who Stare at Goats). Which is to say nothing of Clooney’s smoldering intensity, wry sense of humor, and mischievous smile. One way to wipe that smile off of his face? You got it – a big, fat, midnight kiss!

Taylor LautnerIt’s not exactly robbing the cradle, but please be advised: Lautner doesn’t turn 18 until February 11. You want to ring in the New Year by planting one on Lautner? Be our guest. The boy (yes, boy) has karate chops (he’s a black belt) to go with his acting chops (look for him in 2010, along with Jessica Alba, Jennifer Garner, Jessica Biel, Taylor Swift and Patrick Dempsey, in the ensemble romantic comedy Valentine’s Day). Bella may be able to resist his charms in New Moon, but in real life it would be tough to fight Launter’s animal magnetism – especially on a New Year’s Eve that promises a full moon.