Acceptance speech interruptions and historical wins could boost sales for some of this year's best films

By Tim Nudd
March 09, 2010 11:00 AM
Mark J. Terrill/AP

The Academy Awards are known for giving a boost to the movies they celebrate. This year, lots of films had their moment in the Oscar spotlight, piquing the interest of viewers who haven’t seen them yet.

Among the films that might have found new audiences on Sunday:

Music by Prudence. The winner of Best Documentary Short provoked the biggest drama of the night, when director Roger Ross Williams and producer Elinor Burkett battled for the microphone during the acceptance speech. A true “Kanye moment.”

The Hurt Locker. The night’s big winner, it took home Oscars for Best Original Screenplay, Best Director (for Kathryn Bigelow – the first woman to win the award) and Best Picture.

Crazy Heart. Proving that the “Dude” is still as cool as ever, Jeff Bridges took home his first acting Oscar for this film, after four previous nominations.

Avatar. Yes, you’ve probably already seen James Cameron’s 3-D extravaganza. If not, here’s your chance to understand just what the heck Ben Stiller, made up as a Na’vi, was talking about.

• All of John Hughes’s old movies. The director, who died in 2009, was honored Sunday for his iconic youth films of the 1980s. Might be time for a John Hughes marathon – everything from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off to The Breakfast Club.

So, tell us: