And which ones don't? Take our poll before you move to Canada!

By Alison Schwartz
Updated July 04, 2010 01:55 PM
Credit: Clockwise from Top Left: Getty (4); Landov; Getty (2); Rex USA

In honor of the 4th of July, we’re calling out four celebs who make us proud to be Americans – and of course another four we wish would get packing for Canada. From charitable to cheating, which American stars would make George Washington’s team? And who needs to step up their game?

Brad Pitt: The actor made a big impact in the Big Easy with his Make It Right campaign, a housing project targeted to those hit the hardest by Hurricane Katrina. Besides being easy on the eyes, and a good ole family man, his thoughtfulness warms the heart.

Sandra Bullock: After a public split with ex-hubby Jesse James, America’s Oscar-winning sweetheart had better things to talk about – like her baby boy she adopted from New Orleans. The new mom even made an appearance at a benefit concert in Nashville for flood recovery. Bouncing back after-all, is the American way.

Jay-Z: The handsome hip-hop humanitarian showed respect for his country on the eighth anniversary of Sept. 11 by putting on a benefit concert for relatives of N.Y.C. officials who died in the line of duty. Not to mention, his records (and latest anthem) get the whole country dancing – whether you’re from New York or just visiting, you know you’re singing along!

Landon Donovan: Although Team USA was wiped out of the World Cup by Ghana, the charming soccer stud scored three goals throughout the tournament – and looked pretty hot in his uniform. Donovan even teamed up with Kids Wish Network last year to meet with a fan who was diagnosed with a severe heart disorder.

Embarrassed Much?

As for the other side of the coin. There a few whose antics have us embarrassed us.

Tiger Woods: Take one Thanksgiving accident, add a very dirty and public sex scandal and sprinkle with a hefty divorce settlement on the horizon. Tiger just can’t putt his way out of his new reputation. His golf performance isn’t up to par either, and he checked out at the U.S. Open 4-over – beat by an Irishman!

Jesse James: Who cheats on America’s sweetheart? With a woman named “Bombshell McGee!” Plus, the timing just ruined the American awards season love for everyone. And now that it’s officially over for Bullock and the tattoo-loving man, the motorcycle king has lost his crown.

Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt aka Speidi: No one’s really sure if the reality twosome is still together, or if the latest move is just another publicity stunt. We just want them away. … Far, far away.

Lady Gaga: Despite her debut at No.4 on Forbes World’s Most Powerful Celebrities list, the diva committed a cardinal sin last month: Insulting America’s favorite pastime. Proving she can neither dress the part nor play the field, Gaga crashed the Yankees clubhouse in her undies and caused trouble at the rival Mets stadium. Now the boys of summer have banned her! wants to know: How do you rate them?