Poll: Which Celeb Rocks the Best Facial Hair?

Photo: Peter Kramer/AP;INF;Bruce Gifford/FilmMagic; Alpha/Landov

Sometimes a guy just can’t be bothered to grow a full beard. Just ask scruffily sexy Johnny Depp, follicly challenged Deal or No Deal‘s Howie Mandel or Britney Spears‘s latest beau, Adnan Ghalib, who sports a skinny strip on his chin. They’re all walking advertisements for the soul patch – that stray patch of hair just hanging out beneath their lower lip. Better yet, look at Hulk Hogan: The wrester/reality star has been sporting his handlebar ‘stache for, um, ever! Call them creative or just daring, but not every man can work that kind of facial hair. Vote for who you think wears it best.

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