Police Reveal Additional Calls to Mary-Kate

The masseuse who found Heath Ledger called Olsen a total of four times, according to a report

Photo: Lucas Jackson/Reuters/Landov; Bryan Smith/Zuma

The masseuse who found Heath Ledger‘s body called Mary-Kate Olsen a total four times – not twice as originally believed, the Associated Press reports.

Masseuse Diana Wolozin spent nine minutes, making three phone calls to Olsen – and waiting more than a minute between each call – before ever dialing 911, then called Olsen a fourth time after paramedics arrived at Ledger’s New York apartment, the AP reports.

Wolozin first called Olsen on Ledger’s own phone using the speed dial after the masseuse was unable to wake up the actor.

The additional calls were discovered when police took a closer look at phone records, according to AP.

It was not known why the masseuse called Olsen – though the actress was a friend of Ledger’s – or why she did not immediately call authorities.

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