Police Arrest Two More Suspects in London

British authorities are now holding five people in connection with Thursday's attempted bombings

Police on Monday arrested two more suspects in last Thursday’s attempted bombings of London’s transit system.

With those arrests, police are now holding five people in connection with the failed follow-up to the July 7 attacks that killed more than 50 people, the Associated Press reports. Two other men were arrested in London’s southern Stockwell neighborhood Friday and one was arrested Saturday in nearby Tulse Hill.

Police also released the names of two suspects that are being sought in connection with the attacks. They are looking for Yasin Hassan Omar, 24, and Muktar Said Ibraihim, 27, who may also be known as Muktar Mohammed Said. Both were caught on closed circuit TV after allegedly leaving the explosive devices on public transportation.

On Monday, Prime Minister Tony Blair also apologized for the killing of Jean Charles de Menezes, a 27-year-old Brazilian electrician mistaken for a terrorist who was shot by police in a London subway station on Friday. On Saturday, the Metropolitan Police apologized for the shooting as well, and said Menezes “was not connected” to Thursday’s attempted attacks.

Police Commissioner Ian Blair addressed his family Sunday saying: “I can only offer our deepest regrets.”

But the apology didn’t stem the criticism from Menezes’s family. “When you do something wrong to say sorry is not enough,” said Menezes’s cousin, Alex Alves Pereira. Family members also disputed officials’ versions of the events that led up to the shooting.

In making his apology for the shooting, Prime Minister Blair defended the police, saying: “We are all desperately sorry for the death of an innocent person and I understand entirely the feelings of the young man’s family, but we also have to understand the police are doing their job in very, very difficult circumstances,” Blair said. “Had the circumstances been different and had this turned out to be a terrorist, and they had failed to take that action, they would have been criticized the other way.”

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