Police Arrest George Michael in London

The singer takes responsibility after a drug bust in London

British pop star George Michael was arrested on Sunday on suspicion of possessing drugs after he was found sleeping in a car near Hyde Park in central London, police tell Reuters.

“We were called by a member of the public to a man seen slumped over the steering wheel of a car,” said a statement from London police. “He was arrested on suspicion of possession of controlled substances.”

According to the statement, Class C drugs were found. These include cannabis, tranquilizers and some painkillers. Under British law, anyone convicted of having Class C drugs can be jailed for up to two years and face an unlimited fine, according to the Home Office Web site.

Michael reportedly was bailed out and asked to return to a police station in late March, following a police investigation.

In a statement after his release, Michael said that the incident was “my own stupid fault, as usual. I was in possession of class C drugs, which is an offense, and I have no complaints about the police who were professional throughout.” He stressed his concern “that people know that I was properly tested by the police doctor who stated to the officers present that I was not impaired in any way and should be allowed to drive home.”

In a P.S., he added: “I promise I won’t make a record out of this one – even though it’s tempting.”

This is not the star’s first brush with the law. In April 1998, he was arrested in a park across the street from the Beverly Hills Hotel for engaging in a “lewd act” in a public men’s room, after which he ended years of speculation by announcing that he was gay.

Last year, Michael, who has sold more than 80 million records worldwide during a 25-year career, told Reuters that he was giving up the world of pop, saying he found the media attention and celebrity “unbearable.”

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