Pokémon Go Takes Down Tinder: Wildly Popular Game Now Downloaded on More U.S. Android Devices Than Dating App

Pokémon Go became an instant phenomenon after its launch last week


Love conquers all – well, except Pokémon Go, that is.

The smash hit augmented reality smartphone game has officially usurped dating app Tinder in the Android app store, according to SimilarWeb, an Internet analysis company.

The Nintendo game – which somewhat revives the iconic Game Boy staple – has been installed by over five precent of Android users since its release just last week, SimilarWeb said. In comparison, Tinder is only on two percent of U.S. Android users’ smartphones.

In addition, SimilarWeb said that over 60 percent of those who downloaded Pokémon Go are using it daily, meaning that nearly three percent of the entire U.S. population uses the app.

Pokémon Go is also edging in on Twitter, which had just over three percent of daily active users on Android last week.

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The game is also at the top of the Free App charts in the Apple iTunes App store.

Despite its popularity, Pokémon Go’s rise has come with some negative side effects.

Users of the app are reporting tripping, falling and getting sunburned while playing the game that has taken the country by storm.

In addition, police are warning users to be cautious of their surroundings after a group of Missouri teens were allegedly using the app to lure victims to remote areas and rob them.

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