Pokémon GO Led Arizona Grandmother to Rescue Bullied Young Boy: 'Everything Happens for a Reason'

"He was really stumbling, and he fell face first into the rocks," Jeanette Warner recalls of the incident


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An Arizona woman was out playing Pokémon GO when she spotted a young boy in trouble.

Jeanette Warner was collecting Pokéballs, used to catch Pokémon in the popular app, in a park in Buckeye, Arizona, on Sunday when she saw a pair of teenage boys bullying a younger child.

“They were making him run sprints, not letting him get a drink, just being real turkeys,” Warner told KPHO.

Warner told ABC 15 that she didn t think much the scene at first, guessing the boys may have been siblings. So, she continued looking for Pokémon, but her conscience brought her back to check on the boy. He was still out running and with temperatures in the triple digits, he appeared to be becoming ill.

“I noticed that the little boy was on the ground, and one of the older boys was standing over him and yelling at him. At that point, I just called 911,” she told ABC.

She watched the two older boys take off on their bicycles. By the time they had fled the scene, the boy collapsed.

“He was really stumbling, and he fell face first into the rocks,” she said.

Firefighters told KPHO that the 12-year-old was showing signs of heatstroke and was taken to an area hospital. He was later flown to Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

“Everything happens for a reason,” Warner said, “If it wasn’t for my son loading Pokémon on my phone, and me coming back to the park to reload the balls for my granddaughter, I never would’ve been in the right place at the right time to see this little guy needed help.”

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