Fullerton PD
July 14, 2016 02:00 PM

An attempted murder suspect has been arrested after local Pok mon Go players detained him and called the police, PEOPLE confirms.

Jacob Kells was arrested for misdemeanor child annoyance after a group of Pok mon Go gamers saw him allegedly inappropriately interacting with children at a local park, a Fullerton police news release reports.

On Tuesday morning, the gamers were at the park playing the smash-hit augmented reality game Pok mon Go when they noticed Kells off behavior. Kells was allegedly using a plastic flower to touch children inappropriately before the group approached and detained him. Police were called and arrested Kells, who is homeless, according to the news report.

As they were processing his information, officers discovered Kells had an arrest warrant issued for several charges including attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon.

Two of the players, Jaview Soch and Seth Ortega, told ABC News they would not have been at the park had they not been playing Pok mon Go.

“Had we not been there playing Pokemon Go at the time, I don’t know what would’ve happened,” Soch said in an interview.

“But we still do want people to know that though they should have fun playing and exploring their towns and cities, they should also be very aware of their surroundings. You never know who or what’s out there.”

Kells is at the Orange County Jail where he awaits extradition back to Monterey County.

It is unknown whether Kells has been appointed an attorney.

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