Poison Drummer Rikki Rockett Declared Cancer-Free After Undergoing Experimental Treatment

Poison drummer Rikki Rockett's tumor has been eradicated by immunotherapy

Photo: Rikki Rockett/Instagram

Rickki Rockett just received the greatest news of his life.

After battling oral cancer for over a year, the drummer for ’80s hitmakers Poison has been declared disease-free by doctors. Rockett sought treatment at Moores Cancer Center at UC San Diego Health several months ago, where he underwent experimental cancer immunotherapy.

Rocket, 54, says he was moved to participate in the alternative treatment out of love and concern for his children – 3-year-old daughter, Lucy, and his 7-year-old son, Jude. Miraculously, the immunotherapy successfully eradicated his tumor.

Rockett announced his good news last week in a celebratory Instagram photo of himself and the man who oversaw the trial, Ezra Cohen, MD. “Because of this man, I am cancer free!!!” he wrote in the triumphant caption.

“We are delighted that Rikki responded so well to immunotherapy,” said Cohen in a statement to PEOPLE. “He had already been through a lot with chemotherapy and radiation treatment before he came to us, but his cancer recurred. That’s the advantage of immunotherapy over traditional therapy – there are fewer side effects, we can specifically eradicate cancer cells almost anywhere in the body, and it’s effective against tumors that are resistant to chemotherapy and radiation.”

Rockett feels strongly that immunotherapy will be able to help those who, like himself, have already exhausted other cancer treatments. He also hopes that it can serve as a viable alternative to chemotherapy and radiation for those who are newly diagnosed with the illness.

“My hope going forward is that by talking to other cancer patients, I might be able to lessen their pain and suffering. I know from experience that chemotherapy and radiation are not fun. If I can help anyone else, it would help give reason to what I went through.”

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