Ashley Judd, 32, hits local movie theaters in her new romantic comedy “Someone Like You” on Friday, but on Wednesday night in New York, she, her mother Naomi, the flick’s hunky costar Hugh Jackman and others celebrated at the premiere screening and party, reports PEOPLE. “Ashley is a mad games fan,” the Australian-born Jackman, 32, told the magazine about the making of the movie. “I know my wife to be quite competitive, and Ashley is too. So we played this running charades game.” Interjected Jackman’s wife of five years, actress Deborra-Lee Furness: “Ashley and I slapped each other every time.” “It was like a game of XFL,” said Jackman. As for how his role of Eddie in this new movie differs from that as Logan/Wolverine in last summer’s comic-book inspired hit “X-Men” (since Eddie could easily be called a sexual wolf in “Someone Like You”), Jackman told PEOPLE, “It’s a lot less facial hair.”