Chelsea Smith's discovery about earring backs is causing Facebook and Twitter to freak out

Credit: Amazon

Where would we be without the Internet? Cutting tomatoes the slow way while putting on deodorant backwards and errantly tucking in our shirts, most likely.

Out of all the wonders the World Wide Web provides, people get snagged on the most mundane discoveries, like proclamations that you’ve been doing something simple “the wrong way the whole time.”

The most recent of these “life hacks” to captivate the Internet is 19-year-old Chelsea Smith’s post about how to put on earrings. It’s a revolution that will “change your life forever” – or merely adjust it to a minuscule degree; you decide.

On Saturday, Smith posted a Tweet with two photos: one that showed a set of earrings with the plastic part on the backs, and another with the plastic removed.

“After my nineteen years of living i have now realized that you are supposed to take the plastic part off,” Smith wrote alongside the pictures.

The teen wasn’t alone. Her simple confession has received over 44,000 re-Tweets from other unaware earring lovers, whose lobes are now revolutionized.

Smith is surprised by the response, which has included national news coverage, but she appears happy that she was able to leave people #MindBlown.