The Learjet carrying Travis Barker and DJ AM was "engulfed in flames," according to an emergency line tape

By People Staff
Updated September 24, 2008 03:20 PM
Credit: Chris Pizzello/AP

The Learjet carrying Travis Barker and DJ AM was “engulfed in flames” after it went down the runway in South Carolina, according to a tape of 911 calls reporting the fatal crash.

“I was just sitting here next to the runway and saw the plane. I actually heard it and I saw it skid by. Huge fire,” says one caller to the emergency line.

Another caller reported, “I’m at the UPS facility at the airport and a plane crashed at the end of the runway.”

After getting a description of the aircraft, the operator asked, “Is it on fire?”

“Yes, it’s engulfed in flames,” the witness says.

By the time a third call came in, emergency crews were on the scene. “There’s a plane crash out at the airport,” the caller says. “I see somebody here. You already got it.”

Barker, 32, and DJ AM, whose real name is Adam Goldstein, 35, suffered serious burns in the crash of the Learjet just after midnight Friday in Columbia, S.C. Four others were killed.

Reporting by DEVAN STUART