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"It was like all this amazing stuff from my childhood was coming back," PJ Liguori tells PEOPLE of working with Jim Henson's Creature Shop

September 15, 2015 05:45 PM

When PJ Liguori was told he’d be working with Jim Henson’s Creature Shop, he was understandably excited.

“It was like all this amazing stuff from my childhood was coming back,” the YouTube content creator, 24, tells PEOPLE of working with the production team behind the Muppets. “It was an amazing opportunity to collaborate with such a prestigious company.”

The Peterborough, England, native already has more than 700,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel KickThePj, and now he’s been given the chance to create and direct a new web series entitled Oscar’s Hotel for Fantastical Creatures, for which the Henson team created, well, creatures.

Liguori enlisted his YouTube cohorts Jack Howard and Dean Dobbs (known online as Jack & Dean) and Grace Helbig as well established actors Patrick Stewart, Alfred Molina and Elliott Gould for his fantastical, six-episode series.

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“I created these two characters called The Reposition Fish, Albert and Norbert. They were voice characters and I knew we wanted actors who were recognizable, really cool and that I really liked. I threw out some names and the first names that popped into my head were Patrick Stewart and Alfred Molina,” says Liguori. “They sent them the script and it was pitched to them as ‘a new up-and-coming filmmaker from the YouTube community is working on this new project ‘ And they liked what we were doing.”

Looking toward the future, Liguori has even bigger goals when it comes to working with A-list talent.

“I would love to work with someone as hilarious as Jim Carrey. He is so funny and such an amazing actor. He’d be a great fit in the Oscar’s Hotel universe if I carry that on, or anything else,” says Liguori. “But honestly, I just want to keep getting the opportunity to write and direct amazing, creative content.”

Oscar s Hotel for Fantastical Creatures, from New Form Digital Studios, is now available on Vimeo On Demand.


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