The Best Behind the Scenes Moments from 'Pitch Perfect 2' , as Told by Instagram

There is a lot more to everyone's favorite a cappella group than what you see onscreen

Photo: Universal Pictures

Now that we can finally see the Barden Bellas’ latest aca-adventure, let’s take a look at the ridiculously fun time the cast had shooting the movie. With barbecues and pillow fights, filming Pitch Perfect 2 looked more like summer camp than work.

From belting it out to shaking it on the dance floor, it takes a diverse range of talents to make a Barden Bella.

The cast had to be prepared for anything. Including late night rehearsal …

mud wrestling…

creative sleeping arrangements …


pillow fights

and the occasional bruise.

Despite all the hard work, there was still fun to be had on set. Like wearing matching jackets

and rocking matching manicures.

Shooting a movie doesn’t mean neglecting the holidays. The cast celebrated Cinco de Mayo

and the Fourth of July.

The Pitch Perfect 2 stars are more like BFFs than coworkers, which meant plenty of off-set excursions, like to the bowling alley …

and Disneyland!

The Bellas also know how to throw a party. The actors made time for pool parties, “back to school” themed fiestas, and barbecues.

Of course, there’s always time for a selfie…

and another

and another

and one more, for good measure.

But as with all good things, filming must come to an end.

But even off-set, the love between the Bellas lives on.

Because these girls have, er, a “special” love for each other.

And obviously, talent that won’t quit.

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