Pink Releases Empowering Track 'Just Like Fire' for 'Alice Through the Looking Glass'

Pink told PEOPLE that her 4-year-old daughter inspired the new track

Photo: Andrew Macpherson

Pink came here to “run it.”

On Thursday, the singer released a new song called “Just Like Fire,” to be featured in the upcoming movie Alice Through the Looking Glass.

“If I can light the world up for just one day/Watch this madness, colorful charade/No one can be just like me any way,” Pink sings in the power anthem.

The singer even shows off her rapping skills with lyrics like, “So look, I came here to run/Just ’cause nobody’s done it/ Y’all don’t think I can run it/But look, I’ve been here I’ve done it!”

The track marks the first time Pink has written an original song for a live action feature film.

And Pink previously told PEOPLE that her 4½-year-old daughter Willow Sage inspired the track for the Lewis Carroll adaptation.

“She’s my inspiration for everything,” the singer said of little Willow. “I think of little girls like her when I’m doing something like this because I want it to be fun.

“I think of that spirit Willow has, where she’s totally uninhibited and wants to dance around naked, and that’s how I go into the song.”

Pink and her daughter watched an early screening of the James Bobin-directed film.

“What’s awesome about Alice is the whole theme, from the start of the movie, is: Girls can do it, too,” Pink told PEOPLE.

“She’s the captain of her own ship, but it takes her femaleness to be that fierce, so that’s another great [message] for our house.”

She added: “I try to keep Willow as empowered as possible.”

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