December 15, 2009 12:45 AM

Pink‘s heart will always be with back-on-again husband Carey Hart, even as she promotes her new Funhouse album in Europe.

But it hasn’t been an easy road.

“When I met Carey, I was an abused puppy in the corner, ready to bite anyone who put their hand out,” the singer, 30, tells Women’s Health for its January/February cover story. “He was the first man I was with who allowed me to take a deep breath and close my eyes and fall backwards.”

The sometimes rosy-haired rocker married the motocross racer in a posh wedding in Costa Rica in 2006, only to split two years later, while Pink was working on her new album. But love has since blossomed again, with the pair’s reconciliation earlier this year.

Now, Pink says Hart has helped her open her heart fully to love. “Most of the time, he was there. That’s more than I can say about others,” she tells the magazine. “My heart was like this clenched fist. And even after he broke my heart, still, I had two bigger halves. I have more capacity to love and be loved.”

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