August 13, 2001 05:05 PM

It’s a sweet Monday for “American Pie 2.” The critically panned sequel grabbed the biggest slice of the box office pie and earned the best opening ever for an R-rated comedy. It also sent last weekend’s “Rush Hour 2” to No. 2, though that one is still big. Its estimated 10-day total is $131.9 million, which is within the easy grasp of the $141 million that “Rush Hour” took in over its entire theatrical run. Among other new movies, Nicole Kidman’s haunted-house story, “The Others,” opened strongly, while “Osmosis Jones,” starring Bill Murray and a bunch of animated germs, tanked. The weekend’s Top 10, according to movie studios:

1. “American Pie 2,” $45.1 million
2. “Rush Hour 2,” $31.5 million
3. “The Princess Diaries,” $14.1 million
4. “The Others,” $13.7 million
5. “Planet of the Apes,” $13.3 million
6. “Jurassic Park 3,” $7.3 million
7. “Osmosis Jones,” $5.6 million
8. “America’s Sweethearts,” $4.6 million
9. “Legally Blonde,” $3.8 million
10. “Original Sin,” $3.1 million

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