This year's winner was Rachael Pasqua, age 4

By Alex Heigl
Updated March 16, 2015 11:05 AM
Princeton Tour Company

Albert Einstein lived in Princeton, New Jersey, for over 20 years, and so every Pi Day (March 14) – which also happens to be the famous physicist’s birthday – the Ivy League town holds a celebration in his honor. This year was especially momentous, because the date (3/14/15) is – you guessed it – the first five digits of pi.

The highlight of the day is probably the Einstein look-alike contest, which is a standing-room-only event where contestants are grilled on their knowledge of the world-renowned genius.

This year’s winner was Rachael Pasqua, age 4. Pasqua walked away with the $314.15 prize and a lifetime of bragging rights: She’s pictured at the top of the page shaking hands with Princeton Mayor Liz Lempert.

Fun fact: If you’re lucky enough to have been born on Pi Day, you’re eligible to be a judge at the Einstein look-alike contest for life.

Personally, we might prefer to judge the “Best Apple Pie in Princeton” contest, but that’s a more selective group of people – as it should be.