PHOTO: Zac & Vanessa Play Prince Charming and Sleeping Beauty

The High School Musical stars are latest celebrities to pose for Disney ad campaign

Photo: Annie Leibovitz/DisneyParks

Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens are showing off their fairy tale romance in the latest installment of a popular Disney ad campaign.

The High School Musical costars (and real-life couple) posed for celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz in December, recreating the scene from Sleeping Beauty in which the princess is awakened by the kiss of her prince. The shot, titled “Where Romance Is Celebrated,” will run as part of Disney’s “What Will You Celebrate?” ad campaign.

Efron, 21, and Hudgens, 20, aren’t the first celebrities to portray iconic Disney characters for Leibovitz’s lens. Tina Fey took the role of Tinker Bell in a Peter Pan-themed shoot. Other celebrity participants include: Jessica Biel (as Pocahontas); Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony (as Jasmine and Aladdin); and Beyoncé (as Alice in Wonderland).

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