Philadelphia is out to change its image. While former Mayor Edward G. Rendell promoted the city of brotherly love’s penchant for cheese steaks, current Mayor John Street has something else on his menu: fresh fruits and vegetables and exercise, notes The New York Times. This mayor wants his city to trim down. “We’re too fat,” Street, 57, tells the paper, which reveals that as a young man he lost 70 pounds. Now he’s a muscular 190-195 pounds on his 5′-9″ frame. “I believe that people in order to lead productive lives need to take charge of their health.” This new in-shape kick is in part spurred by Philadelphia’s having been named the fattest city in America by Men’s Fitness magazine two years ago, about the same time that Street took office. He even appointed a health and fitness czar, says The Times: his childhood pal, Gwen Foster. Last month, she, Street and 76ers owner Pat Croce put a challenge before their citizenry: Lose 76 tons in 76 days. Apparently, weight scales have sprung up all over town.