Phillip Phillips Goes 'Godzilla' in New Video: WATCH

"If you mess up, that's a problem," the American Idol winner says of his new one-shot music video

Photo: Nick Walker

Thanks to American Idol, Phillip Phillips is no stranger to the pressures of performing, but nerves were still high for the singer on the set of his one-shot video for his single “Raging Fire.”

“If you mess up, that’s a problem. I might get in trouble too if I don’t get it right,” Phillips jokes to PEOPLE in a video interview on the YouTube Space LA set. “I may want to start crying, but it’ll be okay.”

Directing Phillips through the shoot was YouTube personality Kurt Hugo Schneider, who is known for his amazing one-take videos.

The shoot was conceived as part of the Godzilla Invades YouTube program, which called on YouTube creators to write, shoot and edit videos inspired by Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Entertainment’s new film Godzilla.

“It’s a little bit of a challenge,” says Phillips, who will be on tour with O.A.R. this summer and released his new album, Behind the Light, on Monday. “But we’ll get it by at least the 75th take.”

Check out the full video to see if he was right!

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