5 Times Philip Seymour Hoffman Was Better Than the Movie

To mark the beloved actor's birthday, look back at how many of his roles have aged better than the films themselves

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When PEOPLE asked Twitter and Facebook users what their favorite Philip Seymour Hoffman movie was, the result was pretty unequivocal: Twister. That gave us pause, but then we started thinking about some of the actor’s less-valued films. Hoffman would have turned 47 years old on July 23, so in honor of his birthday, we’re taking another look at how even when the film might not have been great, Hoffman always was.

Twister (1996)

Someone so loved Hoffman’s Dusty from this film that they created a tribute video to him. Would it be a stretch to call his performance the best thing about Twister? Probably not.

Pirate Radio (2009)

A heavily fictionalized account of the “pirate radio” ships broadcasting then-banned rock and roll to England in the 1960s, Pirate Radio isn’t exactly a great film, but Hoffman walks away with it thanks to his portrayal of a renegade rock DJ.

Mission: Impossible 3 (2006)

Hoffman’s menacing, slow-burn performance as Mission: Impossible 3‘s villain was one of the frequently cited highlights of the film.

Patch Adams (1998)

Hoffman’s performances had a way of making audiences feel a character’s entire life, experience and feelings through tiny scenes. This volcanic scene in Patch Adams is the perfect example of that.

Along Came Polly (2004)

Though he’s often thought of as a solely dramatic actor, Hoffman could deliver comedic performances with the best of them. Case in point: The above clip.


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