Michelle Pfeiffer says she turned 40 with a flourish and isn’t worried about starlet look-alikes, even if they do appear in her husband’s TV shows. “It’s OK for me to get older,” she says in the upcoming Ladies’ Home Journal. “My husband just loves old women. He’s crazy about his grandmother.” Her husband is producer David E. Kelley, creator of “Ally McBeal” starring the rail-thin Calista Flockhart, who has been dubbed the new Michelle Pfeiffer. “Frankly, we just never saw it,” she said of any resemblance with Flockhart. “Let me get this out of the way right now. Yep, I think Calista is too thin, and no, I don’t think she’s anorexic. I know people who are anorexic, and this is simply not her personality.”

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