By Maria Yagoda
Updated October 26, 2020 11:59 AM

YouTube comedian and gamer Felix Kjellberg – known to his 29 million subscribers as PewDiePie – makes Stephen Colbert feel old.

“Welcome to television,” Colbert said to the young Internet celebrity, who joined him on The Late Show Thursday night. “This is a steam-powered medium that runs on coal that your grandparents invented.”

Kjellberg, who has the most subscribers of anyone on YouTube, earns a living from posting videos of himself playing games and making jokes, many of them profane.

“Do you watch television ever?” Colbert asked. (Kjellberg doesn’t.)

“I want to thank the Internet for allowing their emperor to be here tonight,” he later added.

After Kjellberg dropped an F-bomb (whoops), Colbert asked him why he didn’t swear in Swedish, his native tongue.

This gave the gamer license to conduct a master class in Swedish curse words. While all the words were, unfortunately, bleeped out (this is television, not YouTube), we did get Colbert’s priceless reactions to them, like, “That sounds like a delicious dish!” and “That’s a font in Microsoft Word.”