He signs autographs and gifts his Twilight chair, thanks to his followers, "who I love dearly"

Credit: Jean Baptiste Lacroix/WireImage

What connects Beyoncé‘s “Single Ladies,” a grown man dancing down Hollywood Boulevard in a bikini, a line of vampire fans and a $10,000 donation to the Christopher Reeve Foundation?

Why, Twilight star Peter Facinelli’s Twitter page, of course.

Facinelli signed autographs for free at the Affliction clothing store on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles Tuesday as a give back to fans who helped him win a bet with his friend Rob DeFranco that he couldn’t get 500,000 Twitter followers. “I kind of took this little bet, that was a silly little thing and I tried to make something positive out of it,” Facinelli told PEOPLE.

The bet was initially started when DeFranco asked Facinelli if he could have Facinelli’s on-set Twilight director’s chair, which had Facinelli’s name and the film’s logo on it. Facinelli said “no” to his friend, but gave it away anyway after holding a free online drawing where fans around the country could register to win the unique item.

Rob DeFranco paid off his end of the bet too when he was forced to dance down Hollywood Blvd. Tuesday morning wearing a bikini and singing “Single Ladies,” a fate chosen by his “sick and twisted Twitter followers,” Facinelli said, adding, “who I love dearly.”

Affliction also donated $10,000 to the Christopher Reeve Foundation on behalf of Facinelli’s Twitter followers. At the signing Facinelli hugged fans, and even told one girl who was nearly hyperventilating as he signed her homemade poster that she’s “very, very sweet.”

“If I showed up today and there were three people you know it’d be really silly,” Facinelli said. “It’d be me with a magic marker twiddling my thumbs. So I’m really happy that they came out.”