Pete Wentz Laughs Out Loud at Rocky Marriage Rumors

He and Ashlee are no closer to divorcing than John McCain is to the presidency, he says

Photo: Evan Agostini/AP

Pete Wentz denied more rumors over the weekend that his marriage to Ashlee Simpson-Wentz is on the rocks.

“I laugh out loud at them,” he told Hollyscoop at the Kids’ Choice Awards in L.A. ” I laugh at all of that stuff. It’s like if someone wrote on the Internet that John McCain was our president right now. It’s just not true.”

The couple had been apart – Wentz on tour with Fall Out Boy and Simpson at home taking care of baby Bronx Mowgli – but they reunited and locked lips onstage at the MTV Australia awards Friday night. “Sorry, we haven’t seen each other in a while,” he told the audience. “We’re going to go and find some quiet time and fornicate somewhere.”

The Simpson-Wentz family will celebrate their one-year wedding anniversary on May 16.
– Liz Berman

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