Pete Wentz Denies Feud Over Ashlee Song

The Fall Out Boy bassist says he's never heard the Neurosonic tune and took no legal action

Photo: Matt Sayles/AP

Pete Wentz is denying reports that he issued a cease-and-desist order against a Canadian band over a song that allegedly pokes fun at his girlfriend, Ashlee Simpson.

During a recent Neurosonic concert at NYC’s Knitting Factory, the band’s Jason Darr introduced the song “So Many People” by saying Wentz had sent the band a letter regarding the tune.

The New York Post‘s Page Six reported that Wentz had taken legal action, but a rep for the Fall Out Boy bassist, 28, tells PEOPLE that is not true.

“I’ve never heard of [the song]. Pete’s never heard of it. No one’s ever heard of it,” says the rep, Bob McLynn. “Pete’s not the kind of guy who would do a cease or desist with anything. He believes in artistic freedom.”

The song, “So Many People,” reportedly pokes fun at Simpson’s 2004 appearance on Saturday Night Live, when she was caught lip-synching.

Darr says that the remark during the show was a joke.

“Anyone silly enough to believe I was serious about the comment … has no sense of humor,” Darr tells PEOPLE. “The song is tongue in cheek, and it was mostly meant to blow off steam about a subject that is laughable at best.

He adds, “It’s not meant to be malicious.”

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