Personal Chef Recalls Dramatic Details of Michael Jackson's Death

Cook Kai Chase says children and staff gathered to pray – but it was too late

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Michael Jackson’s personal chef says Dr. Conrad Murray was a fixture at the household of Michael Jackson – so much so that when his routine changed the day of Jackson’s death, she knew something was wrong.

“I thought maybe Mr. Jackson is sleeping late,” Kai Chase, hired by Jackson to cook the family meals, told the Associated Press of the morning of June 25, when she noticed that the singer’s doctor had not come down Jackson’s bedroom carrying a pair of oxygen tanks, as he did every morning.

The truth quickly became apparent when Murray ran down the stairs yelling out for Jackson’s oldest child, Prince Michael, 12. “‘Go get Prince!’ He’s screaming very loud,” Chase tells the AP. “I run into the den where the kids are playing. Prince runs to meet Dr. Murray and from that point on you could feel the energy in the house change. I walked into the hall and I saw the children there. The daughter was crying. I saw paramedics running up the stairs.”

Chase says she joined the children, their nanny, and the housekeeper in praying for Jackson’s health, but it was too late – the pop icon was dead.

The celebrity chef, 37, hired by Jackson in March, says the Jacksons’ was a happy home, with a focus on healthy living.

Jackson, preparing for a series of comeback concerts in London, had fruit drinks and granola for breakfast every morning, and ate healthy foods like chicken and spinach salad for lunch with the kids. Dinners might include a seared tuna steak, and Dr. Murray was often a guest at the table. Jackson’s daughter, Paris, 11, started each meal by saying grace, Chase says.

As for Chase, who expected to go to London with the family, she plans on publishing a cookbook – an idea that Jackson encouraged. The book will focus on her time with the family.

“He was an inspiration to me,” she says.
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