"Basically, unless you were dead, you're going to school," Elisia McKnight said of her mother Shannon's school attendance policy

By Alex Heigl
Updated June 16, 2016 04:20 PM

That was Shannon McKnight’s policy on missing school, according to her daughter Elisia and WBTV. It paid off: Elisia is graduating from Charlotte, North Carolina’s Olympic High School without having missed a day of school since her first day of kindergarten 13 years ago.

“At the end of it all during graduations and all,” Shannon McKnight said, “you get to see it and you go, ‘Phew! That’s one thing I did right.”

Elissa avoided the temptation of senior skip day and other assorted days off – at one point she was one of just four students attending school that day. Her siblings, Elaina and DJ, have never missed a day of school, either, which makes dad Derek the only one to have missed a day of school. “Just a few,” he joked to WBTV.

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“More than seeing my friends every day, I also liked going to see my teachers and other faculty members, because they always kept me in the loop of what they were doing,” Elisia told the Charlotte Observer. “We had great relationships within the school, so I always had somebody to talk to.”

A great example: Communities In Schools, a dropout prevention organization that she got involved in and eventually earned a scholarship through. Elisia is set to attend Appalachian State University in the fall, and says she’s “gonna try my hardest” to keep up her perfect attendance record.