PEOPLE's 'Sexiest Men': Getting Better with Age

It's getting hot in here

Photo: Photos Provided by Filmmagic and Wireimage; Photo Illustration by Tiffany Hagler-Geard

PEOPLE recently announced Academy Award winner Lupita Nyong’o as our Most Beautiful Woman of 2014. But what about all the talented hunks out there? Don’t worry, the men will have their moment too. In November, PEOPLE will once again reveal the latest Sexiest Man Alive.

But six months is a long time to hold out, so here’s a treat to tide you over. Several Sexiest Men Alive – and a few honorable mentions – have not only returned for our viewing pleasure, but they’ve doubled up. Is it just us, or are these guys looking better than ever?

Brad Pitt

Pitt: Benjamin Button in the movies and in real life?

George Clooney

The actor turns 53 on May 6 … so which Clooney will Amal celebrate with?

Ben Affleck

This Gone Girl hunk has gone and cloned himself. It’s the only explanation.

Johnny Depp

Men may age, but stylish hats are forever.

Ryan Gosling

“Hey girl, can you believe I used to be this adorable little fella?”

Hugh Jackman

Maybe Jackman does more than just play the ageless Wolverine. Maybe … he is Wolverine.

Ryan Reynolds

Blake Lively does the body good.

Matthew McConaughey

Time is a flat circle. This proves it.

Bradley Cooper

Cooper is the only man who looks this good after three Hangovers.

Channing Tatum

Magic Mike

? More like magic genes.

Leonardo DiCaprio

All those Growing Pains were worth it, eh Leo?

Adam Levine

Blake Shelton knows how to pick his man crushes.

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