From Ryan Gosling to Kelly Osbourne – find out where your favorite stars spin, what they play ... and if they're any good!

By Jennifer Garcia
May 27, 2009 02:25 PM
Credit: Michael Tran/FilmMagic, Jordan Strauss/WireImage

Watch out Samantha Ronson, there are new celebrity deejays in town!

While some already make their living in rock bands, now many more musicians and actors are stepping behind the turntables (or iPods), and moonlighting as deejays at the hottest clubs and parties. Here’s everything you need to know about some of the most notable:

Ryan Gosling

Signature Sound: Favorites from the ’50s, ’60s, ’80s, indie rock and old-fashioned rock ‘n’ roll – anything from the Andrew Sisters to Bruce Springsteen to Edwin Collins. Gosling occasionally takes requests but he really just plays his favorites.
The Venue: Bardot Hollywood. He has a regular slot there Thursday nights.
Special Guests: Liv Tyler, Kate Hudson and Mick Jagger have caught Gosling’s set.
Time to (Break)Dance: He draws a crowd – and hooks them! Gosling has been known to rile up clubgoers by positioning a spotlight on the dance floor. He also mingles, and people even breakdance to his music – including his deejay partner and best bud Zach Shields.

Nick Cannon

Signature Sound: Hip-hop. A lot of Jay-Z and (what else?) wife Mariah Carey.
The Venue: Cannon deejays all over the country from special events in Sundance to clubs in Miami, but his favorite spot to spin is Sin City: Cannon recently completed a residency at Vegas’s PURE nightclub and has clocked time at Prive and Moon.
Special Guests: Cannon’s No. 1 fan is, not surprisingly, Carey, who accompanies her hubby whenever she can. You’ll find her … right by his side at the deejay booth.
Host with the Most: Between beats, Cannon is always chatting on the mic, dishing on everything from his marriage to artists he likes.

Pete Wentz

Signature Sound: Rock and hop-hop. Wentz rarely plays his own tunes, he prefers favorites from pals like Gym Class Heroes and Good Charlotte. Wentz is all about crowd-pleasing.
The Venue: The Fall Out Boy rocker has spun at Angels and Kings – he owns the bar, after all – but Wentz also makes his way to Las Vegas, playing at PURE, LAX, Prive and Moon. Name it, he’s spun there.
Special Guests: The Simpson clan are huge fans. (Hello, he’s part of the family!) Pal Travis McCoy (of Gym Class Heroes) has been known to hop on the turntables during a Wentz set.
Serious About His Work: Wentz takes his gigs seriously: He mans the booth rather than mingling with friends and fans.

Joel and Benji Madden

Signature Sound: Both stick rock and and lots of hip-hop. Unlike others, the Maddens will not play anything by their band, Good Charlotte. And each plays a similar set – you know, since they’re twins and all.
The Venue: Events across the country and tons of L.A. gigs. They make frequent visits to Las Vegas clubs like The Bank and Wasted Space, their own venue in Las Vegas’s Hard Rock Hotel.
Special Guests: They’re each other’s biggest supporters. Recently Tyrese, Big Boi (of Outkast) and Toni Braxton caught Joel spinning in Vegas. Also in the crowd: Samantha Ronson and Carey Hart. Oh, and, did we mention Nicole Richie? Also, brother Josh is a professional deejay, who’ll lend a hand when he can.
There Will Be No Talking: Don’t expect to see these two on the microphone! They’re all business. In fact, in December Benji told PEOPLE, “[Deejaying] started out as more of a hobby but it’s kind of turned into a second career.”

Kelly Osbourne

Signature Sound: Pop. Think: Michael Jackson, Lady GaGa, Madonna and Britney Spears.
The Venue: Osbourne has deejayed at Bardot Hollywood and other Los Angeles venues but likes to keep her appearances under the radar.
Special Guests: Her biggest supporter is fiancé Luke Worrell who is never far from her side. Lindsay Lohan has been checked out her tunes as well.
Finding Her Voice: She may be new on the scene, but Kelly Osbourne has discovered the best trick to excite the crowd: She plays songs everybody knows. Even Lohan couldn’t help but dance her favorite Madonna songs.

Reporting by Mark Gray and Marisa Laudadio

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