Clooney in Ocean's 11, McConaughey in Magic Mike and Tatum in Magic Mike, too – of course!

By Drew Mackie
Updated December 27, 2014 07:50 AM
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Once a year, PEOPLE takes a moment to honor outstanding achievements in the field of hunkiness. And while the title of Sexiest Man Alive reflects one man’s cumulative knee-buckling moments for an entire year, we wanted to pinpoint the exact sexiest moment for some of the most recent honorees.

It meant a lot of research, but we toughed it out – for you, the reader of course!

Adam Levine

Sexiest moment: The “Moves Like Jagger” video

The lyrics may be touting Adam Levine‘s indisputable rockstar moves, but the video invites you to instead appreciate his body. It’s a Men’s Health cover in motion, basically, and Levine is generously strutting around shirtless for the benefit of us all.

Channing Tatum

Sexiest moment: Dancing in Magic Mike


Again, the combo of hunkiness and smooth moves goes a long way. Just as Magic Mike made Channing Tatum a mega-star, his dancing scenes made mega-stars of every one of his well-defined muscles.

Bradley Cooper

Sexiest moment: Getting ripped for The A-Team


An eight-pack. That’s how you change your story from “that guy IN Alias who wasn’t Michael Vartan” to “sexy action star Bradley Cooper.” And if Cooper’s take on Templeton Peck doesn’t do it for you, his bulked-up body in the upcoming American Sniper just might.

Ryan Reynolds

Sexiest moment: Shirtless in Blade: Trinity


In all fairness, the third round of a Wesley Snipes-fighting-vampires flick probably doesn’t appear atop too many lists of all-time favorite movies. However, we can justify its existence purely with the shirtlessness of Ryan Reynolds‘s character. That’s a torso that can launch an action career – and it did.

Hugh Jackman

Sexiest moment: Mutation perfected in The Wolverine

Jackmanologists of the world may disagree, but we posit that Hugh Jackman‘s sexiest-ever moment occurred with the 2013 X-Men sequel The Wolverine. Though Jackman was 13 years older at the time than he was when he first got the role, the Aussie never looked better – plus they tamed his Wolverine hairdo for this one.

Johnny Depp

Sexiest moment: French and fiery in Chocolat

Of all the guys on the list, Johnny Depp is probably the outlier. He has a unique brand of sexiness that doesn’t usually translate to his film roles, unless you’re that one lady with a Willy Wonka fetish. In the 2000 romance Chocolat, however, it really does translate. And this scene, in particular, demonstrates that there’s no one sexier with whom you could share a boat.

Matt Damon

Sexiest moment: The kiss in The Bourne Identity

The first Jason Bourne movie helped establish Matt Damon‘s action movie chops. He’d been winning hearts for years in different sorts of roles, and one scene in The Bourne Identity reminds us why he’s become such a heartthrob: This passionate embrace, starring Franka Potente, Damon and Damon’s biceps.

George Clooney

Sexiest moment: Dressed to kill in Ocean’s 11

Sure, you could watch movies where you see more of George Clooney with fewer clothes on – *cough cough* Solaris *cough* – but his first outing as Danny Ocean sums up everything about what makes him sexy: debonair, suave and wearing the perfect suit with an air of old Hollywood charm.

Matthew McConaughey

Sexiest moment: Magic Mike, again

Matthew McConaughey got his “Sexiest Man Alive” cover back in 2005, but his body looked no worse for wear seven years later when it was on prominent display in Magic Mike. If you’re surprised to see Magic Mike twice on this list, we have one question for you: You have seen Magic Mike, right?

Jude Law

Sexiest moment: Closer, in spite of itself

No one could say Closer isn’t a sexually charged movie. It just drags you through some emotionally devastating patches en route to all that. It’s raw. It’s messy. In that way, it’s not unlike Law himself, who in this role perfects that intellectual, articulate brand of British sexy.

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