August 06, 1998 12:00 AM

So, who’s perfect? For its Sept. 4 issue, PEOPLE polled women about how they view themselves physically and reports on the difficulty they face in measuring up to Hollywood’s ideal. The results of the magazine’s poll are surprising: 21% say Cindy Crawford has the celebrity body that most of them crave; 37% identify with Oprah Winfrey’s roller-coaster diet rides; 31% find Drew Barrymore’s weight to be just perfect; and 40% think Brad Pitt’s recent bride, Jennifer Aniston, is just too thin. And while beanpole Audrey Hepburn used to set the standard for beauty, American women today tell PEOPLE that they’d rather resemble Camryn Manheim than Calista Flockhart, 43% to 35%. Respondents also think that Hillary Clinton has the body most closely associated with “the average woman” (the runner-up was Sarah Ferguson), while the way Goldie Hawn, 54, looks serves an inspiration to women over 50 (according to 27% of those polled, with Tina Turner next in line, by 25%). How many women have tried diet in order to lose weight? 72%. Additionally, 33% have bought a celebrity’s exercise book or video. And 62% said they believe that if Julia Roberts were to put on an extra 30 pounds, she’d stop being cast in romantic roles.

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