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September 14, 2014 02:50 PM

Calling all Mahomies!

Singer-songwriter Austin Mahone definitely knows how to use his voice box for something other than entertaining: clucking like an out-of-control chicken.

PEOPLE sat down exclusively with 18-year-old Mahone and challenged him to a good ol’ game of Truth or Dare.

Challenge accepted.

When dared to call his mom and tell her that he loves her, Mahone took on a challenge of his own: “I’m just going to say ‘I love you’ and then hang up, and then keep her wondering like, ‘Why did he just call me?’ ”

What’s a game of Truth or Dare without daring the king of good-looking selfies to upload an embarrassing selfie, for once?

But Mahone was not at all amused when we dared him to make a crazy face and upload it to his Instagram. “That’s easy. I usually do that on a daily basis.”

The selfie-fanatic didn’t necessarily believe that his first-take photo was the best, but as a dare goes, he had to upload it anyways. “I look scary,” Mahone joked.

Mahone’s first-ever crush? “You’re cute, Taylor,” he timidly shouted out to Taylor Swift.

Turns out that Swift also gave Mahone the best advice he ever received. “Taylor Swift told me to stay classy and always be nice to my elders, which is pretty good advice,” he admits.

Watch as PEOPLE and Austin Mahone take on the 5 Gum Ultimate Truth or Dare Challenge.

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