PEOPLE Is Now on Snapchat!

The popular app launches its new Discover platform


PEOPLE really is everywhere: on your desktop, your phone, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And now, you can even get your PEOPLE fix on Snapchat.

The company announced its new Discover platform Tuesday, allowing a select group of editorial teams – including PEOPLE – to share all the news you want to know, via Snapchat.

Once you update the Snapchat app, you ll see PEOPLE on the new Discover screen. Click in to get today’s edition, which features #Snowmageddon2015, a guide to Kim Kardashian-style belfies and shirtless hot guys (You’re welcome!). Then, check back tomorrow – and the day after that, and the day after that – for even more of your favorite PEOPLE news.

See you on Snapchat!

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