17 People in Long-Term Relationships Reveal How to Keep the Sex Exciting

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Long term relationships don’t have to get boring, monotonous. Keep the honeymoon phase alive as long as possible with these 17 spicy tips from Reddit.

“Stop having sex. Seriously. Tease each other, kiss, fondle, play around, but do not have sex. You’ll begin to find interesting ways to excite one another. Set a date (a month later, maybe?) and wait it out. Sex will be BOMB when you start back up.”


“If you’re always willing to try new things, I fail to see how sex could become boring.”

“Try to get someone else involved.”


“WIGS. I cannot stress it enough. Wife/girlfriends take on a new persona with new hair.”

“Touch her more than you do now.”

“Try massaging with nice oils. Ladies, use the elbow for more pressure. Dudes, go light at first.”


“I feel like the best way to spice things up is to just imitate things you see in porn.”

“Don’t let yourself become complacent. You’ll end up taking your partner for granted and it can turn an otherwise happy relationship sour. It happens slowly and most don’t even realize why they aren’t satisfied with their partner until it’s too late, and the love is gone.”


“The neck, guys. Girls like the neck, guys like the neck. Everyone likes the neck.”

“Have an open conversation about fantasies you both have.”


“A third person can definitely spice up the sex life of a couple, if they’re both into it. But it can also destroy the relationship as well.”

“Get the kids out of the house more.”


“Take a spontaneous trip somewhere. It doesn’t have to be far, just somewhere new. A cool park a couple hours drive away, a nice mountain to hike that offers a great view, or simply a romantic night out on the town for the hell of it.”

“Explore your sexuality, both as a couple and individually.”


“Tell her she’s beautiful every day. Tell him he is handsome every day. Keep that spark alive.”

“Never become roommates.”

“Make sure that you are willing to fulfill each others needs/desires, because for most people, your spouse will be the only person you’ll be banging for the rest of your life.”

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