January 20, 2012 11:00 AM

You follow PEOPLE.com on Twitter. You like us on Facebook. You’ve +1’d our Google+ page. And now, you can follow PEOPLE.com on Tumblr and Pinterest, too! Get the breakdown of our two new social sites below:

Every day, we’ll post the freshest, silliest, head-scratchingest quotes from the stars you love – and love to hate. Plus, we’ll share the best comments from our readers. (Pro tip: “First!” won’t win you a spot on the blog.)

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From star-worthy gift ideas to celebrity hotspots, we’re tracking it all on our new Pinterest site! Check out our fun boards – from goofy celebrity jokes (Star LOLs) to creative hostess ideas (Yummy Noms: Food & Drinks) – and we might just repin you!

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