July 24, 2012 12:30 AM

Do you peek at your phone all day to keep tabs on your favorite celebrities? Are you a PEOPLE.com news junkie?

Now you can have all the best PEOPLE.com content with you everywhere and anytime – plus, it’s better and more comprehensive than ever.

Welcome to our brand-new mobile site.

Tap around and discover the latest breaking news, Star Tracks, your favorite Stylewatch and Red Carpet photo galleries and, for the first time ever, Pets and Moms & Babies. You’ll be able to read, comment and then share everything with your friends in any way you choose – on Facebook, Twitter or just via e-mail or text messaging – with the tap of your finger.

Plus: Play your favorite PEOPLE.com games on your smart phones and read the latest from our many celebrity bloggers, right on the homepage.

There’s a lot to see and experience, so click around and explore – you could even win $500.

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