July 17, 2007 07:45 AM

When it comes to romance rumors with Orlando Bloom, Josh Hartnett and Javier Bardem, Penélope Cruz keeps her sensuous lips sealed.

“I don’t talk about that,” the Spanish actress (Volver), 33, told reporters at a Monday press conference in Ibiza, Spain, where she and her younger sister, Monica, launched their Mango clothing collection. “I don’t read most of what is written about me.”

Even so, Cruz specifically denied dating Bardem – and brushed off any talk of Bloom or Hartnett, to whom she was linked in May.

As for Bardem, “It’s not true,” she said. “He’s a friend and the best actor in the world.” The pair costar together in Woody Allen’s new movie, shooting in Spain, and she’s due to start work on the film next week.

One erroneous report Cruz did wish to address, and correct, was that she suffered a panic attack and delayed a Continental Airlines flight from Newark to Barcelona earlier this month.

“It was false,” Cruz said of the story. “The plane was four hours late. I decided to leave along with some other people. It’s true I’m afraid of flying, but I wasn’t having a panic attack. I read that and I was worried my family would see it and think something was wrong.”

On a more earthly level, Cruz was asked how she feels about working with Scarlett Johansson, with whom she allegedly shares an ex-boyfriend (Hartnett). Johansson, too, will also be costarring in the new Woody Allen movie.

“We have a lot of scenes together,” Cruz told PEOPLE. “Scarlett’s very sweet. I’ve met her a few times just around. I’m so excited for this film. I’ve been going around saying my lines everywhere.”

After the press conference, Cruz and her sister attended a dinner celebrating their fashion line. Dressed in their own designs, they arrived fashionably late by two hours, at 11 p.m. – and vowed not to stay long.

“We have to work tomorrow,” Cruz told PEOPLE. “We’re shooting the campaign, so we can’t stay out too late.”

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