"We wanted a place that was, you know, much more homey and had more soul to it," Legend said

Credit: William Waldron/Architectural Digest

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen’s idea of a perfect apartment is dark, cozy and full of character – and that’s exactly what they got.

In February’s issue of Architectural Digest, the stars welcome fans and design lovers into their New York City home.

They’ve been looking for a place in Manhattan since before their September 2013 wedding, and now they’ve finally settled on a one-bedroom apartment in a historic building on the border of Little Italy.

“We wanted a place that was, you know, much more homey and had more soul to it,” Legend said.

“This apartment just kind of embodies everything that I love,” Teigen told Architectural Digest. “I love dark and rustic, but still very clean and very chic.”

“I think the best thing about this apartment is just this beautiful, unique kitchen,” Legend added.

Teigen likes to cook, drink wine and watch TV at the same time, so they made sure the kitchen was nice and open.

The moody apartment was revamped by Don Stewart from Desiderata Design, who also designed the couple’s Los Angeles home in March 2013.

“John and Chrissy both work insanely hard,” Stewart told the magazine. “This needed to be a place where the two of them could power down and recharge.”

To help her relax and keep it light, Teigen, 29, has a life-sized teddy bear that greets her when she gets home.

“I love it. I love seeing it when I walk in,” she said. “It adds a little whimsical vibe.”