'Peanuts' End

Today marks the last daily appearance of Charles Schulz’s beloved “Peanuts” comic strip. The farewell strip is a thank you note of sorts by Schulz, 77, who announced his retirement — and the subsequent end of the comic — last month, following his diagnosis of colon cancer. “Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Linus, Lucy . . . How can I ever forget them,” reads the strip. The last image: Snoopy on his doghouse with his typewriter. “There are so many things I’m going to miss,” Schulz, told the Santa Rosa Press-Democrat on Sunday. “I think what I’m going to miss the most is Lucy holding the football and looking up and then the big bonk when Charlie comes down.” Fans will have on last chance to catch the “Peanuts” gang in action when the final Sunday strip appears in newspapers on Feb. 13.

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