Pauley Perrette Rants Against Critics: 'You Think My Thoughts Don't Matter Because I'm an Actor?'

"I believe in living simply, working hard, fighting injustice and GOD," the actress tweeted Sunday evening

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Pauley Perrette isn’t afraid to stand up for what she believes in.

The NCIS star took to Twitter on Sunday evening after the 2017 Screen Actors Guild Awards to applaud the many stars who used the evening as a platform to speak out against President Donald Trump and his controversial refugee ban, as well as advocate for more diversity in Hollywood.

“Proud to be an actor tonight #SAGawards,” she wrote. “Even though some of you think our jobs eliminate us from loving our country and having an opinion.”

” ‘Out Of Touch Celebrities Opinions being shoved down my throat.’ WHAT?” she continued. “You don’t know me! I’m overwhelmed with sorrow doing as much as I can.”

Perrette, 47, went on to address the backlash she was receiving for speaking out on social media in a lengthy letter.

“Ok… you want my truth? You got it. If you don’t get this, please unfollow and leave me be,” she wrote, attaching a photo of her note.

“You think my thoughts don’t matter because I’m an actor?” she wrote. “I had thoughts when I worked for a car lot, taco bell [sic], was a bartender, and worked as a cook assistant in the bottom of a boat in a foot of dirty fish water… You think I’m not a regular human?”

“If it impresses you, I also cum laude graduated in Sociology, Psychology and Criminal Science and wanted to be FBI, my dream,” she added.

She went on to reveal that her father, who is “VERY REPUBLICAN,” is in the ER, her dog is in surgery and “intense rehab,” and that three of her friends died this year, as well as her boss.

“Does this seem like ‘CELEBRITY PROBLEMS’?” she said. “I live in a s—- old house. Use my paycheck to help other however I can. I don’t anything of value (except my rescue dogs, who are priceless).”

“You have been fooled by an illusion of excess. Trumps, Kardashians,” she continued. “Yes, some celebrities, that money means more than your soul, but don’t blame me. I don’t believe in that s—. I believe in living simply, working hard, fighting injustice and GOD.”

Without naming him, Perrette went on to slam Trump, 70, as a “power hungry, flawed, narcissist human who does not feel that we are all human.”

“I’m totally flawed. But I admit it,” she said. “Watching what human beings are going through with this ‘administration’? This is NOT my country. NOT my constitution. This is NOT about the election, BTW. It’s about what’s happening right now.”

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