The famous cook, who has type 2 diabetes, is photographed mid bite on her celebrity cruise

By People Staff
January 26, 2012 01:10 PM
Splash News Online

Paula Deen is on a vacation – just not from eating delicious food!

The Food Network star, who recently revealed she has type 2 diabetes, was photographed eating a burger and fries Monday while sailing around the Caribbean onboard a cruise ship with her fans.

Deen, 65, has taken heat from critics, such as Anthony Bourdain, who say she has profited from her indulgent Southern cooking and buttery recipes – all while keeping her condition secret for years.

And this photo may add fuel to the fire.

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While diabetes isn’t a sentence to life without burgers, eating a healthy diet is one way to manage it. When Deen made her announcement, she also partnered with drug maker Novo Nordisk to launch a new website, Diabetes in a New Light, which offers diabetes-friendly recipes and other tips for living with the disease.

Deen also says she’s cut back on sugary foods like cake and sweet tea. “I want to try to get across moderation,” she says.

If that’s the case, should she avoid being photographed eating a burger on a cruise ship?