The Idol judge is reportedly sneaked past a checkpoint while racing for an L.A.-bound plane

By Todd Peterson
Updated March 06, 2006 09:20 AM

While fans are wondering what to make of Paula Abdul’s strange behavior Thursday night on American Idol, a federal agency is trying to decide who’s responsible for sneaking the judge past an airport security checkpoint at Las Vegas’s McCarran International Airport earlier that day.

In a dash to make her Los Angeles flight – and her American Idol live gig later that evening – Abdul and a companion were reportedly ushered past security and onto the Southwest Airlines plane, which resulted in all the passengers being re-screened once the flight landed in L.A., the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported.

A spokeswoman for the Federal Transportation Safety Administration said the security lapse was reported to the TSA while the flight was in the air.

“We’re conducting an internal investigation to see who exactly was responsible,” TSA spokeswoman Jessica Altschul tells the Associated Press.

A spokesperson for the airport says that the person who led Abdul past the checkpoint and onto the Southwest flight didn’t work for the airline, but for an airport tenant. The airport spokesperson said the worker couldn’t be identified because of the ongoing investigation.

Representatives for Abdul have yet to issue a statement.