While it's "nice" to be an American Idol judge, she misses her own spotlight

By Stephen M. Silverman
February 01, 2005 08:00 AM

Paula Abdul says it’s “nice” to be a judge on American Idol, but the former pop star and choreographer is itching to get back on the other side of the table, saying, “I miss my art.”

Abdul, who used to choreograph for Janet Jackson and others, as well as deliver such hits as “Straight Up” and “Forever Your Girl,” tells the Associated Press: “The great part about who I am is, I came into this business as a facilitator. I was a world-class choreographer … I’ve always been able to help mold (other people) into their greatness.

“But there is a whole other hat that I wear as a performer that I need to infuse a little bit of energy into, so I’ve made a conscientious decision that after this season, I have to take some time to be mindful of my own craft.”

Though she does not specify how she plans to direct her comeback, Abdul, 42, does say she will find something new to offer fans. “I’m different as a human being,” says Abdul, whose two marriages (including one to Emilio Estevez) ended in divorce. “I’m much older and I have a lot more wisdom.”