A brief tribute to the grin that could have powered a small rural mining village

By Alex Heigl
Updated December 02, 2013 01:00 PM
Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty

In Pleasantville, Paul Walker played Skip Martin. Here’s how that character is introduced in the film’s shooting script:

He is extremely handsome with Jack Armstrong features and a Letterman’s sweater … Skip Martin flashes a huge Pepsodent smile.

If that doesn’t describe Paul Walker and his high-wattage grin, we’re not sure what does. In fact, as Walker’s costars and friends continue to offer their memories of him, that smile is one of many positive attributes they cite.

Paul “was such a gem, so kind and always had a smile on his face,” Amy Smarttweeted.

Writing about Walker at Grantland, Alex Pappademas noted, “His father was a sewer-system technician and speed-shooting champion, and his mother was a former model, which is possibly the most apt imaginable genetic legacy for an actor who’d someday ply his trade in the gray area between leading man and Everyman.”

“Free popcorn refills and clean underwear make me happy,” Paul told PEOPLE in 1999, a pretty accurate description of happiness if you ask us.

Fast & Furious

director Justin Lin said of Walker, “In a business that barely requires it, [Walker] was relentlessly selfless, genuine & trying to be better every day.”

Fast & Furious

costar Gal Gadot called Walker “a great man with a big heart and passion.”

“He was my hero when I was in my teens,” Frankie MunizTweeted.

“Watching women react to Paul Walker can be humbling.” – Daniel Duane, Men’s Health, 2005

“You know, all that really matters is that the people you love are happy and healthy,” Walker toldFlaunt magazine in 2001. “Everything else is just sprinkles on the sundae.”