In a ruling Monday, U.S. District Judge Philip S. Gutierrez cleared Porsche of fault in the death of driver Roger Rodas

By Karen Mizoguchi
Updated April 06, 2016 12:00 AM
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Meadow Walker will continue with her September lawsuit despite Porsche’s court victory on Monday that dismissed the car manufacturer of all four vehicle defect claims that took the lives of her late father Paul Walker and driver Roger Rodas.

“The issues in the cases are very different,” Walker’s attorney Jeff Milam said in a statement Tuesday. “Meadow’s father, Paul Walker, was a passenger in the car. He survived the crash but was trapped and burned to death because of the vehicle s defects.”

U.S. District Judge Philip S. Gutierrez ruled Monday that there was not enough evidence to support widow Kristine Rodas’ claim that the Carrera GT in which Walker, 40, and Rodas, 38, were riding lacked basic safety features that would have saved both men’s lives in the crash.

Roger was driving the Porsche that ultimately crashed and exploded in Santa Clarita, California, on Nov. 20, 2013. The Fast and Furious actor was in the passenger seat of the car at the time, and both men were pronounced dead at the scene.

“A significant portion of the judge’s decision was based on the rejection of evidence because of missed deadlines and also a failure to sue Porsche AG, the manufacturer,” Milam continued in his statement on behalf of his client. “Meadow will continue to fight to hold Porsche accountable for selling a defective product that kills.”

In her lawsuit, Rodas claimed the Carrera GT had a faulty suspension, lacked a racing fuel cell, and did not have a racing cage that could not withstand an impact from the side. Similarly, Walker, 17, and her legal team claim Porsche “failed to install its electronic stability control system,” which they say is “specifically designed to protect against the swerving actions inherent in hyper-sensitive vehicles of this type.”

Rodas’ attorney Mark Geragos has stated the ruling will be appealed.

Rodas’ children and Walker’s father have also filed respective wrongful death lawsuits against Porsche.