Paul Walker was an action star, but we'll always remember him for his sweet role in this classic romantic comedy

By Nate Jones
December 02, 2013 01:00 PM

Paul Walker, who died Saturday in a Los Angeles car accident, was not a comedy actor. He was an action star – and a very good one, as remembered by New York magazine.

But before his Fast and Furious days, and even before his infamous bet with Freddie Prinze Jr. in She’s All That, Walker caught our eye as Skip Martin, the goofy basketball star in 1998’s Pleasantville.

As pure and innocent as a glass of whole milk, Skip Martin was the 1950s made flesh, and Walker brought a charming naivety to the role. When he calls Reese Witherspoon “the keenest girl in school,” it’s hard not to fall for the starry-eyed love fool.

Pleasantville would be Walker’s only romantic role, but it’s a glimpse of an alternate career for him, one where he could have been a rom-com star like Witherspoon, if he wanted.

Watch an opening scene from Pleasantville below.

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Paul Walker
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